Key Pay Per Click activities

five key ppc activities

Here are my five key PPC activities that anyone who runs adwords should remember to carry out regularly.

pay per click tasks

(does this count as an infographic?)

Keep a copy of this list of PPC tasks to hand so you don’t forget to do the basics. Sure ther can be lots more to successful PPC campaigns, but this is the heart of the matter for most people.

The time allocated to each activity is a loose guide. I tend to do one thing particularly intensely on a given day rather than skim all five each day.

Keyword review is ok, Ad copy testing is fun. Negative keyword review is the most rewarding because you can see instant improvement in ctr.

Bid optimisation is necessary and a bit of structure here is useful. Finally keyword expansion as a task is hugely rewarding. Don’t just blindly follow Google’s suggestions though. ┬áIt is by thinking about your customers that you are going to find tose ppc keyword gems that your competitors have ignored.

Good luck and have fun.