Attracting Customers

Getting more customers is usually an easy way to make more money (although too many customers can kill a business almost as easily as having too few).

The task of attracting customers can be approached in a scatter gun way, on a wing and a prayer, or it can be done methodically. Unsurprisingly, it is the methodical approach I am recommending to you. Here is a six step plan ofr attracting customers that any business can try for themselves.

Attracting customers with a product or service.

Oddly enough, when we ask ourselves key questions about what our products are we find we don’t always have clear answers. We need to understand our products in order to sell them. But this means understanding what they mean to the customer. A brainstorming session is an excellent first start, but customer research is pretty much essential if the product or service is in any way complex.

Knowing our customers

Sure, we want to sell to everyone everywhere, but get real and understand who your core market really is. The words you use, the pictures you use, the messages you get over should be created with your core audience in mind.

Attracting customers by being different

A marketing friend had a secret weapon. It is a photo of a really ugly pussy cat wearing a top hat. He occasionally sends it to prospective clients and gets leads as a result. Why? Because he is being different and giving the recipient a bit of a giggle. Dare to break out of the usual.

Attracting customers through repetition

Most people will need to ‘see’ you 4 or 5 times before they buy. Ubiquity builds confidence, so attract customers by being as visible as you can. Bright logos, banner ads, trade shows, repeat emails, billboards, event sponsorships all help to get visibility. Even a sticker on your car will help.

Attract customers with a smile

I know that sounds twee, but seriously, smiling is one of the best things we can do to attract new clients. Even when you are on the phone, people can hear a smile in your tone of voice. We would all rather buy from happy people than from miseries.

Sometimes reminding ourselves of the basics of attracting customers can do more good than a dozen seminars on the latest killer tactics. We just need to do the basics with excellence every day and before we know it we will be attracting more customers than we know what to do with.

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