Clipping Magic

Sometimes you find a new site that is just so useful that you want to share it with the world.  Hey, that is what blogging is for, so I am delighted to let you know that I have just spent a very productive 15 minutes on  A site that removes backgrounds from images.

I mess around with pics all the time and recently spent about 25 minutes deleting a background using clipping paths. I just tried clipping magic and got exactly the same result in under 2 minutes!  I am seriously impressed.

bg gone in 2 minutes


Sure, photoshop provides a good clipping tool, but not as simple, clean, clever or as pretty as clipping magic.  Because it is on the web I can use my iPad whereas photoshop is only on my PC. Also, Photoshop costs half a gazillion squid, whereas clipping magic is free.

If you need to remove backgrounds (or just want to give it a try) then pop over  and have a play yourself.

This has been an unpaid, unsolicited plug for a site I just happened to come across.  Oh, that is me in the picture by the way; shouting at the good people of Windsor. Hey, everyone needs a hobby!