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Managed SEO services that bring you sales from natural search.  

SEO is key to your website achieving a high position in natural search results.  Particularly when people are looking on-line for products and services like yours.  The higher your natural listing the more likely it is to be clicked.  Resulting in greater numbers of  targeted visitors to your site ready for conversion into new customers.

Each of our SEO services is carefully designed to help you achieve and maintain these high rankings.  They are created to appeal to the search engine’s desire for quality and authority, adhere to best practice and use only ethical SEO techniques.

Not only do we drive targeted traffic, we also measure whether these new visitors are doing what you want when they reach you.  Whether that’s making a purchase, signing up for a newsletter or making an enquiry.  You’ll have the data you need to find out how to increase conversion rates.

Our Approach to SEO

Our first task is to align our goals with yours.  We want to know what you want to achieve through SEO.  Who are your target consumers? How do they search for businesses like yours?  How do you want them to act on your site? Our first meeting is to discover all this and more.

Once we fully understand this only then do we focus on building a strategy unique to your business.  This includes:

An SEO audit

We conduct research into your market, your consumers, your competitors and your keywords.  We also assess the current performance of your website to uncover anything that’s negatively impacting your search engine performance.

Optimising your website for search engines and customers

First we address issues affecting your search engine performance. This includes page load times, poor coding and use of keywords in meta data and throughout copy.

We then focus on improving the overall experience for customers.  After all there’s no point bringing new visitors if they aren’t going to convert.  We encourage them to take the action you desire by adding and improving the quality of your content.  Make the site structure and customer journey easier to navigate. Create stronger calls to action, deal with drop off points and encourage social linking and liking to name just a few.

Helping customers find you off-site

Alongside improvements onsite, we look at where your potential customers are already gathering online and develop ways to reach out to these communities.  We discover what your customers want to read, watch, blog and share and create content that meets these demands.  We build relationships with these communities to position you as an authority and thought leader in your field.  Whether this is through guest blogging, informative articles and white papers, videos or apps.  Creating and sharing high quality content is key to organically acquiring natural links and social likes from relevant sites that drive targeted traffic.

Monitoring ROI

Important to any SEO campaign is the ability to monitor its performance and effectiveness.  With our regular reporting you’ll have insight into your visitor analytics and trends. See who is visiting your site, from where and what they do once they are there.  We’ll also provide analysis as to what this means for your business.  As well as details of where and how the focus of your campaign may need to change.

Request a Quote

For more information on our SEO services or to request a quote please call us on 01753 313100.

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