Google says 60% of smartphone users click on ads once a week

In conversation with a Google representative today I was told that 60% of smartphone users click on ads on their phones at least once a week. The implications for adding smartphone advertising to your rosta of advertising locations will seem, for most of us inescapeably clear.

However, it is clearly just as important to consider the user experience unpon landing on your site. Although the site might display OK on an Iphone or Android device, does it really ‘sing’? The screens are so much smaller than a laptop or desktop, and so the user experience is radically altered.

A four column page might still look fine at first site, but is it practical for a smartphone? Only by spending time browsing your site with a handheld device will you get a real feel as to whether the site needs a special layout for smartphones.

If a new layout is needed, and your traffic levels from mobiles are growing at the same rates that I am seeing on my stats, then you probably do need to consider investing to service the mobile user’s needs.