Very bad article titles

I keep getting sent articles to publish on my blogs in return for giving links back to the authors. However most are dumped into the trash folder as soon as I read the title. There really isn’t any way to put over how bad these titles are except to list some of the absolute gems of poor copywriting I have been sent in recent weeks.

How Shopping For Fruit Can Be A Fun Activity To Help Yourself Be Lively

(“help yourself be lively”. The author is guilty of murdering the English language)

Custom Labels Stickers For Better Marketing Strategy

(I am bored and I haven’t even read a word of the article)

Special Custom Golf Hats Can Positively Hit The Right Holes For Your Marketing Victory

(bless… there is a difference between a title and summary)

Great Tips On Seeking Bakersfield Long Distance Movers Rates And Quotes

(A seriously niche audience for that one, I think.  Where is Bakersfield anyway?)

The 10 great tips to bigger you. Make muscles is easy for people drinking new superfood berry juices now

(I cannot even begin to comprehend how that will fit into my website)

You are better than you

(Ok, now we are getting metaphysical)

The point about a title is that it is effectively an advert, encouraging potential readers to actually read the contents. If the title fails, then all the hard work of writing the article is wasted.

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