More bad article titles

They just keep coming. These are real titles posted by real authors (I guess) in order to get me to put their attached articles on to one or other of my websites.

  • Paths To Enjoy Fantastic Aging Health
  • Grape Vines in The Best Climate – Califonia
  • Creating An Animal Firm And Become A High Performance Team
  • The Several Fantastic Attributes That Vegetable Seeds Can Add To Your Life
  • Oprah Becomes A Master Of Moving From Aquarius Toward Leo

Well now, lets look at these little beauties in more detail shall we? The first is apparently just a random comnglomeration of nouns and verbs. It looks like it was written by a very old computer.

The second title is wonderful because of the misspelling of California.

The third is fun. Two apparently unrelated ideas thrown together is always such a winning formula.

The fourth suffers from overkill. Vegetable seeds are good, sure, but ‘fantastic attributes’ sounds very desperate.

The last one is just plain odd. I suppose we are talking about Oprah Winfrey (I have no intention of reading the article so don’t quote me on that) and her skill in… well I don’t know and I don’t care.

The authors are clearly applying a scattergun approach to article writing. These efforts may well be the products of automated software that is constantly rewriting and rewriting versions of some core article that did once make sense, but has evolved into the drivel that I get posted to me. Alternatively they are attempts by non-English speakers to write in English for a living.  If this is the case they would probably do much better in their native tounges.

Still, they keep me amused.


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