WordPress as a content management system

My first reaction was ‘I’m not sure about this’.  Having  hand-coded websites for a decade, I was never that impressed with off the shelf content management systems. However after trying out the free WordPress platform for the last year, I am a convert to the benefits of WordPress as a CMS.

There are plenty of good reasons for choosing WordPress as a content management system for your website.

Benefits of WordPress as a CMS

  • Robust
  • Good inbuilt SEO compatability
  • User friendly interface
  • Standards compliant
  • Rollback feature if user ever ruins a page
  • Easily extended with free plugins
  • Automatically updates when new versions are released
  • Includes a blog as standard
  • Open Source (no fees)
  • Apps available for updating blog from mobile phones (blackberry, Iphone and Android all supported)
  • Huge support community

If you are still hand coding sites that link to content databases, stop right now, get yourself the latest download of WordPress and you will be amazed at how much less effort is involved.

WordPress is a CMS that has made my life as a web designer a whole lot easier. It brings back the fun to the job and I hope it will do the same for you.

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