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  • The mathematics of social media reach

    The mathematics of social media reach

    For those people who really haven’t grasped the importance of social media, let me give you a simple real world example that will help. Yesterday evening we were sitting next to the river Thames when we heard a boat’s whistle. We looked up and saw Gloriana, the Royal Barge chugging past, on her way back…

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  • Adwords tip of the week – location based bid adjustments

    Google Adwords now allows you to adjust bids on a location-by-location basis. This is great because for most advertisers, not all prospects are equal. A lead in a very affluent area close to your business might well be much more valuable to you than a lead from a less affluent potential customer based far away…

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  • Facebook Finally Supports Hashtags

    Social networking site Facebook has finally caught up with the rest of the world of social media and is now supporting #hashtag searches. From 12 June 2013 hashtags on  Facebook will be clickable, just like on other social media networks such as Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. This now allows Facebook users to group comments on…

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  • Good websites build businesses.

    Statements like “Good websites build businesses” can sound like hollow marketing drivel if you hear them often enough. However, when the end users, the customers; provide evidence that the impression given by a website can mean the difference between success and failure  then we all need to take notice. Yesterday one of our clients kindly shared with…

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  • Clipping Magic

    Sometimes you find a new site that is just so useful that you want to share it with the world.  Hey, that is what blogging is for, so I am delighted to let you know that I have just spent a very productive 15 minutes on  A site that removes backgrounds from images. I…

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  • Key Pay Per Click activities

    Key Pay Per Click activities

    Here are my five key PPC activities that anyone who runs adwords should remember to carry out regularly. (does this count as an infographic?) Keep a copy of this list of PPC tasks to hand so you don’t forget to do the basics. Sure ther can be lots more to successful PPC campaigns, but this…

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  • Better WordPress Searches

    WordPress developers worried about messing around with the ‘hardcore’ bits such as the search will be delighted to hear that making changes to the way the search works is logical and pretty straightforward too. The two main elements of a search; the form and the results page; can both have their functionality altered within templates.…

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  • Spring cleaning old code

    Here is a little tip for cleaning up old code.  I was looking at a new client’s website recently and saw they had some horrible old JavaScript to produce a nice fade effect when a visitor’s mouse was rolled over the menu bar. Now for the last 5 years or so this sort of effect has been achievable using…

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  • Adding video to a blog

    There are just a few steps needed to add video to your blog. Firstly set up a free account with either youtube or vimeo and follow their instructions for uploading a video to your account. (I will assume you chose youtube, but vimeo is almost identical) Now click through to the video’s page and click…

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  • Blogging with voice recognition

    If like me you are just a two fingered typist, then typing regular blog entries can be a bit of a chore. My hands simply cannot keep up with the ideas coming out of my head. A great way to speed up your work flow and produce prose that flows with a little more grace…

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