Social Media – what to write about

A twitter or facebook page is a great marketing tool, but businesses often ask “what should I write about?”

facebook page

There is a perception in some companies that a new social media initiative will fail because “we don’t have anything to say”.

To help anyone in this position, here is an initial list of topics that might be appropriate for a company’s social media offerings.


  • A new product being released or an improvement made to an existing product
  • Any awards you may have won
  • If a member of staff is promoted let the world know
  • Improvements to your office space (if clients regularly come to your office, then letting them know about the new coffee machine or air con improvements could be a real winner)
  • A new division being launched within the company
  • Your attendance at a conference, particularly if you are speaking or exhibiting
  • Have you had any feedback from customers recently? Positive quotes or satisfaction graphs are great news.
  • A big customer aquisition
  • A published whitepaper
  • Your opinion on a major news story that impacts your business

As you can see there are loads of things to write about and this is just a quick starter list. Social media is how many of your customers like to communicate, so start talking to them today.