Live data on a website

Displaying live data to colleagues, clients or potential customers is a great idea.

Sales teams can be given access to secure web pages which display their targets and how close they are to reaching them. Management can view any number of business related charts, graphs and tables to give them an understanding of how everything is running. Clients can see how much of a project is complete or how much money you saved them this week. Customers can see that your business is run in an open manner and that you have nothing to hide.

The examples below pull live data from a web source and presents it in clean graph format.

The technical details are that this page displays real-time data from an xml file. That file can be hosted anywhere on the web. If it is a large file and doesn’t need to be updated second by second, then caching can be added to decrease page load times.

We can also offer pie charts, line graphs and any other form of data presentation you may need.

If you would like to display live data on your website, call Brown Bear Media today.