Four good reasons for updating to WordPress 4.0

On 4th September 2014, WordPress released their latest update.  Version 4.0 is now available for download or update from your WordPress dashboard the emphasis of which is on creating a much smoother UX for managing and creating your content.

Here are the four good reasons why you should update right now.

1.  Formatting content is easier

You no longer have to scroll up and down the page to find the editor as you type your latest masterpiece. Instead, the editor now expands to fit your content whilst keeping the formatting tools available at all times.

2. Media management is more intuitive

Keeping your media in order and choosing what to use has been made a more intuitive experience.  You can now browse, explore, edit and interact with images and video in a much simpler way.

3.  Choosing plug-ins is a cinch

Need to expand the functionality of WordPress?  Well there’s probably a plug-in that will do exactly what you need.  And now it’s even easier to browse what’s available, see how others rate it and install the one you want.

4.  You can now see what you’re embedding

In the old days embedded media couldn’t be seen until you preview a page.  With version 4.0 you can now see the embedded media within the editor.  Go on, give it a go with a tweet or a video.    This really helps speed up the content creation process.

But these aren’t the only kind of supported media – give it a go with some of these guys to liven up your content.

Animoto Videos WordPress 4.0
Blip Videos WordPress 2.9
CollegeHumor Videos WordPress 4.0
DailyMotion Videos WordPress 2.9
Flickr Videos & Images WordPress 2.9 Videos WordPress 3.0
Hulu Videos WordPress 2.9
Imgur Images WordPress 3.9
Instagram Images WordPress 3.5
Issuu Documents WordPress 4.0 Various WordPress 3.9
Mixcloud Music WordPress 4.0
Photobucket Images WordPress 2.9
PollDaddy Polls & Surveys WordPress 3.0
Rdio Music WordPress 3.6
Revision3 TV shows WordPress 2.9
Scribd Documents WordPress 2.9
SlideShare Presentation slideshows WordPress 3.5
SmugMug Photos WordPress 3.0
SoundCloud Music WordPress 3.5
Spotify Music WordPress 3.6
TED Videos WordPress 4.0
Twitter Social media WordPress 3.4
Vimeo Video WordPress 2.9 Videos WordPress 2.9
YouTube Videos WordPress 2.9


Any problems with updating or want to find out about WordPress websites, then give us a call 01753 313100.