The formula for website success

I was reading something by Jacob Neilsen (my web useability guru of choice) this morning and about half way down his article I found a mathematical formula. I am a bit of a sucker for these things because they appeal to my logical side.

The formula was entitled ‘The formula for website success’ and that pretty much had me hooked, netted, landed and flapping around in the bottom of the boat.

The formula goes…

Business = Visitors × Conversion rate × Loyalty rate

All fairly self evident, but the implications are massive. Everyone focuses on getting more visitors, but the conversion rate and loyalty rates are so often overlooked. What Neilsen pointed out was that almost any site is capable of doubling its conversion rate with relative ease. Why not plug in your own figures and see what effect doubling your conversion rate would have on your bottom line?

Then give us a call. Knowing in advance how much money you can make from site improvements, leaves you better placed to know when a quote makes financial sense.

What sorts of things do we do?  Well let me leave you with one example. Ever heard of Fitts’ Law?  It is a formula that shows that time taken to achieve an aim (such as a particular mouse click) is a logarithmic function of distance and width. Knowing the specifcs of Fitts’ Law  is not important to most website owners. However, knowing that increasing the size of a button from 2% of total page area to 4% of page area is likely to massively increase customer satisfaction and hence conversion rates can be gold dust.

Call us today and lets talk about applying a few clever formulas to your website.