Why write when you can dictate?


If you want to try a new approach to creating articles for your website why not dictate them rather than type them?

I have been doing this for a few weeks now and I’m finding the process fun and surprisingly easy.

I’ve got an iPhone and I downloaded the WordPress iPhone app expecting to have to type normally. However I was delighted to see a small microphone icon at the bottom of the keyboard. 

If you press this you hear a pinnging noise and then can start talking. The program is stunningly accurate at picking up my words I think about 95% of them get correctly transcribed. Adding in phrases such as.”full stop” and “new paragraph” s is important otherwise the sentences just run on and on.

I’m not sure that the resulting copy is any better but it’s certainly easier for me to generate it quickly and efficiently. I can now even write articles in almost total darkness.

By combining the iPhone app and the dictation software I have hit upon a method of adding new content to my website no matter where I am and in what circumstances. I guess the only place that this approach would be a huge mistake would be while sitting in a theatre.