Search Google Anonymously

searching the web

There are two types of anonymous google searches.

There are searches where google has no clue who you are. These can be conducted via proxy websites, but this is not the type that concerns our clients.

The type of anonymous searches most of our customers want is where google dos not deliver ‘personalised’ results. Personalised results skew your understanding of where you are in the search results, so this is a useful SEO tip.

For example, if you regularly search on ‘bedrooms’ and visit  the same site (perhaps your own site) then after a while Google will give that site a higher placing when YOU search for ‘bedrooms’ compared to when the man next door does exactly the same search.

To get rid of this personalisation is pretty easy.

After such a search you might notice the URL (web address) now looks something like this

all you need to do is remove everything to the right of your keyword search so it now reads

and now add ‘&pws=0’ to the end so it reads

Press enter and a new search will run for you without the personalisation that was skewing your results.