Good websites build businesses.

Statements like “Good websites build businesses” can sound like hollow marketing drivel if you hear them often enough.

However, when the end users, the customers; provide evidence that the impression given by a website can mean the difference between success and failure  then we all need to take notice.

Yesterday one of our clients kindly shared with us an email he received from a prospective client of his own .

The email he got included the line “We like your website and would like (you) to arrange for a quote “

His business is all about hands-on craftsmanship and yet the visitors chose to contact him because they liked his website.

This shows us all that impressions matter. A site that makes  prospective clients feel happy to contact you is surely the main aim for millions of small businesses.

When it gets down to it, if you are not a marketing fan, you can largely ignore most of the stuff that marketing people do. You can forget advanced list building techniques, social integration, remarketing and integrated multi-media campaigns and just ask yourself.

“Will my clients LIKE my website?”

If that seems too hard a question to answer, try “Do I like my website?” Look at the site objectively if you can and keep asking yourself the question.  If you do like it then chances are that your clients will like it too. If you don’t like your site then it is a fair bet that your clients will feel the same.

If you get that one simple task right, then you are half way there already. for the rest… well give us a call and we can help.