1and1 php emails

I have had quite a few calls this week from clients who are a little concerned about emails from web hosts 1and1.co.uk which talk about upgrading their PHP.

The most common question is ‘can I ignore this’ and for once, the answer is ‘NO’.

PHP is a programming language which runs most websites.  If you have WordPress site then it is almost certainly on PHP.

Upgrading takes a few seconds and doesn’t seem to cause any problems with the latest WordPress (4.0) updates.

So, log in to your 1and1 account and follow the instructions.  If you don’t do this you may find that in a couple of months time they start charging you a small monthly fee for ‘supporting an outdated version of PHP’.

Its annoying, but no big deal so just log in to 1and1 and upgrade to the recommended version of PHP.


Those of you who already pay Brown Bear Media directly for your annual hosting then you don’t need to worry as we will upgrade for you.