The mathematics of social media reach

For those people who really haven’t grasped the importance of social media, let me give you a simple real world example that will help.

Yesterday evening we were sitting next to the river Thames when we heard a boat’s whistle. We looked up and saw Gloriana, the Royal Barge chugging past, on her way back downstream after her appearance at the Henley Regatta.

I took a photo and we posted it on our ‘Windsor’ twitter account. Within seconds that photo reached the inbox of the 221 followers to that account.

Now comes the magic.

Eight other people re-tweeted the picture to their own followers. One had 56 followers; most of the rest had more than our 221 and two of them had more than a thousand followers each. As a result the picture has been delivered to 3583 twitter feeds within minutes.

And more magic…

As a result of seeing the post, another 5 people decided to ‘follow’ our Windsor feed directly. So next time we tweet about Windsor it will start off going to 226 people.

It is easy to get hung up on these relatively low numbers or to point out that posting a picture of a golden barge is not the same as posting something that will earn you money. However, what this little episode should clearly show you is that reaching out to people via social media really does work. People look at their tweets, they follow interesting accounts, re-tweeting things that interest them; and they engage with other users.

In short, social media works.

P.S – Social media is also fast. During the time I have been writing this there has been another re-tweet (thanks #Justin_Burns1) that forwarded the picture to another 500 potential viewers.

P.P.S – for information and help on getting your social on give us a call 01753 854595.