“Click Here” must die.

This is a plea to anyone who writes for the web and cares about their search engine positionto put a big sign above their computer saying “Never write Click Here” or something similar.

Let me tell you just two reasons why “click here” is a bad phrase to use on your website.

no click here

Firstly it is inaccurate. For people with special needs who use alternatives to a mouse when navigating the web, they may never actually ‘click’ at all. They may speak, whistle, nod their head, blink their eyes or do something else entirely to activate a link. So, on grounds of not wanting to alienate a potential visitor, why use a phrase that doesn’t apply to them.

Secondly, links are vital to Google’s search engine rankings. The wording on a link helps Google to understand what the page that you are linking to is about.

So, instead of saying…

“For our widget brochure, click here


“Read our widget brochure

This will help your pages appear higher in the search results which leads to greater income, a happy boss, bigger bonuses, more fun, world peace and universal enlightenment.

Ok, I was overdoing it there at the end, but the point is valid. Never again should you allow the words ‘click here’ to appear as a hyperlinked phrase on your website.

Check whether you have any ‘click here’s that need removing.

Just visit google and type the following in to the search box, replacing ‘your-site.co.uk’ with the site you want to check.

“click here” site:www.your-site.co.uk


This is a simple but effective SEO tip brought to you by Chris at Brown Bear Media.