Andrew Haggar Photography.

Project Description

A H Photography

A new portfolio website to showcase beautiful landscape photography.

The brief

Andy approached us to create a website that would showcase his stunning landscape, travel and adventure photography.

Our brief was to build a simple to use website that was visually beautiful yet simple to use.

What we did

This job was all about finding the right mood and functionality.  With an eye for design and detail, Andy had clear ideas about the look and layout for his website and had even designed his own logo.  However we needed to change the layout and had to re-work it in a similar but slightly different font.

With regard to functionality we eventually chose an off the shelf package that had been built specifically for photographers.  It will allow Andy to build a gallery of his images, blog regularly about what he has been up to and sell prints directly off the page if he ever wants to do so.

Client feedback

“Many thanks to Chris of Brown Bear Media for helping me put this website together, for delivering the goods and for empowering me with the knowledge which will enable me to control and shape my on-line gallery.”

Andy Haggar, Andrew Haggar Photography

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