Search results are different for PCs vs Smartphones

Here’s a great ‘Did You Know’ statistic:

Sixty-two percent of organic searches today show different results depending on whether you type in the search on a desktop or a smartphone.

If you google ‘widgets’ from your old PC, your old website may well appear in the top ten. But if someone does the same search on their phone or iPad the results are likely to be totally different.

So all us business owners and marketeers need to think about both traditional computers and modern phones and tablets when looking at our online marketing.

If a website doesn’t work well on a mobile device, the search engines simply ignore it. This has a direct effect on the firm’s bottom line.

“Yes, but how many searches are made on mobiles?” you may ask. The answer will surprise you. The average is heading rapidly toward the 50% mark and in some sectors it has already gone way past that.

So, the obvious thing to do is to make sure you don’t ignore mobile devices. make sure your site works brilliantly on a mobile phone (no zooming required and single column layouts for thumb-friendly page scrolling)

Call Brown Bear Media and we can help you unpick the issues and get them solved so you don’t miss out on all of those mobile searches.