Content Marketing

Content marketing is the strategic marketing approach of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.

Source:  Content Marketing Institute


Content Marketing Services

Key to the successful performance of your website is content.  Sites presenting a wealth of useful information in a variety of formats are outperforming those without.

To perform well every website needs a strategy for adding high quality content on a regular basis.  A task that can at first sound daunting, but with help from Brown Bear Media, is one that can soon become profitable and enjoyable.

If your website is suffering from lack of visitors, poor search engine rankings and few shares across social media then we can help.  

Our content marketing service ensures your website and social channels are getting regularly updated by the right kind of content that tells your story, engages your audiences and encourages the actions you desire.

How we can help your content marketing strategy

We offer a range of content creation services for use as and when you need them.  Or we can deliver these as part of an overarching content marketing strategy we run on your behalf.


Web copywriting

We are experienced copywriters with lots of experience writing for the web.  Whether it’s a web page, a blog article or a quick tweet – we know how to write unique on-brand copy that:

  • tells the story of your brand
  • is useful to your key audiences
  • is interesting and engaging
  • encourages shares and conversations

Blog Management

Running a blog takes time and effort, not something that everyone has available when they’re busy running their business.

We can set up and manage your blog on a day to day basis.  Leaving you to enjoy the business benefits blogging brings without needing to give up your valuable time.


The benefits of videos to your website are numerous. Not only do they allow you to get across a lot of information in a concise and interesting way, they can help boost your SEO performance.

What’s more, videos are great for sharing across your social media channels.


Attention spans are short, particularly given the amount of online content people see everyday. This is where a carefully created Infographic or image can grab attention and convey a message quickly and simply.

We create artwork to capture interest, deliver information fast and prompt a desired action.

Content Marketing Strategy

Planning your approach, audience research, finding your stories, choosing the right channels, implementing your strategy, engaging in conversations and measuring results.

We can deliver fully fledged content marketing strategies on your behalf.

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